Complaints? No, you can't speak a manager.


This blog is for the restaurant servers that deal with the struggles of ignorant customers, idiotic coworkers, unfair managers and things a mere mortal just could not handle. (not associated with @server_life on IG or @TipOrGoHome on twitter, but go follow them too!)
we need this at the restaurant…

we need this at the restaurant…

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speaking of which, i fucking bomb ass line swept so where’s N with my damn stogies???

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A person who is nice to you, but rude to the waiter, is not a nice person.
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Thadra Sheridan // “Waiting”

"Maybe I should just supplicate myself before you so you can whip me with your menu."

A hilarious poetry short film. Anyone who’s worked in food service (or isn’t a jerk) will understand.

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leaving for the airport

in five hours

to go


omg no Chili’s for TWO WHOLE WEEKS

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Possibly my favourite photo set ever


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you can always trade things in a restaurant, and by things I mean like shift work or favors or whatever:


a.) you’re working a shift and aw shit you ran out of cigarettes, let’s ask a willing coworker who’s off to drive but what do they get out of it? you can always throw some money their way (but hey, you need to save) OR you can do some of their side work

b.) man, you’re fucking tired. you’ve been a double for three days straight and you want to swap for first cut. this one might be kinda tough to pull off but usually some people are willing to do it if you take a shift they don’t want.
OR you can find your desperate for money coworkers (you know, the girl who just got a DUI and is working everyday even hosting, yeah she’ll kiss your feet when you ask her.) and ask them. it’s usually a definite yes.

c.) so you hate that dreaded line sweep? well it just so happens that another cut coworker hates full hands. see if you can talk them into the final line sweep by doing yours and their full hands (i do this a lot, fuck sweeping)

Ya know, friendly advice.

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i was told….

customers who wanna start some shit   (via stability)

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if anyone tells you that serving isn’t a real job, tell them to go fuck themselves cause i’ve made about 2700 in the last 2 months

which have bought me a $200 passport an $1800 plane ticket to Japan and like $700 worth of clothes,…

it was definitely major crunch time, and 40+ hours put in, in the last months. And Sunday was my first day off in a very long time, but ya know. It paid off, thank you so much :)

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