Complaints? No, you can't speak a manager.


This blog is for the restaurant servers that deal with the struggles of ignorant customers, idiotic coworkers, unfair managers and things a mere mortal just could not handle. (not associated with @server_life on IG or @TipOrGoHome on twitter, but go follow them too!)

update: Chili’s in Texas… sucks.

I want my squad back.

2 weeks ago
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Anonymous said: Alone at closing shift and table of 6 comes in 15 mins before closing. Makes me bend backwards for them and one asked for a refill right before their food comes out. I put the tea to the side after refilling and serve them. Asked if they need anything else. Guy looks up and asks where his tea is.... //Well fuck, just let me get another server to grab it!!// I Apologize and get it. They leave 2 hrs after closing and tips $5 when their bill is over $100

that is so fucked off. people who come in anytime within 30 minutes before closing are assholes, and to leave you $5 on a $100. oh my god. I can’t even deal with people and their shitty behavior sometimes.

1 month ago
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yourheartwilltakeyouthere said: Hey fellow Chilihead! Just discovered your blog and it's so accurate and so great haha as for the ziosks, I was annoyed at first and they still kinda bug me when kids order stuff on accident that I have to get taken off and just people fussing about them but now that they scan coupons...I love them. My least favorite thing to hear is, "oh and we have this coupon.." haha so inconvenient but yeah I like that they can pay there too but that's about it haha

hi there!! I’m glad you can relate :)

honestly, they help me out a lot! no one really reorders their drinks on there but it’s not a huge deal. the fact that they can scan the coupons is awesome!! no longer need to run around the restaurant like an idiot on a Saturday looking for a manager.

1 month ago
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ok so I requested off this Thursday (tomorrow) about three weeks ago when my lawyer called and said my court date got pushed back. sent a hotschedules message, and my manager even responded to it…

well… we got our schedules yesterday and what do you know? i’m a fucking double tomorrow

i have court at like 8:30am but fuck waiting tables and smiling will probably be the last thing i wanna do after having my license suspended and being told to shovel out three grand in the next three years ugh

1 month ago
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Sorry y’all. I’ve been transitioning into my new Chili’s. Which I hate. No expo. Nothing is ever filled. Our management bites and apparently I have a “Jersey attitude that I need to control.” Like fuck y’all. There’s no attitude. I’m just not slow and I don’t take shit from anyone. Our clientele sucks balls, they stiff and barely leave 15% which is ABSURD. I never thought I’d say this but I really hate Chili’s and I can’t wait to leave.

So I’m going to Outback. Had a good friend get me a job there and in currently studying for my menu test. Ugh.

1 week ago
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I didn’t realize how close I had gotten to my coworkers here in Jersey. As excited I am to go back home and be with all of my friends again in Texas, I’m a little sad to leave my Jersey Chili’s family. I can only hope that the Chili’s I’m transferring to is just as close as this one.

Point being: No matter how much shit you talk/give each other, deep down (sometimes deep deep deep down) you really care about one another. And some of your coworkers are the people you’ll be able to count on when there’s nobody else. Just remember that.

1 month ago
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annoying coworkers

/rant, sorry/
first off, i don’t wanna work your shift. the mere fact that i said i would and picked it up does not mean that i am going to go out of my way and be up my manager’s asshole just to get it approved. i picked up your shift because you annoyed the hell out of me to pick it up.

i don’t fucking care if it gets approved

please stop last minute dropping your shifts and expecting them to get covered. i don’t feel bad. this will be the third time in a week you’re begging people to cover you. also, please stop texting me to try and convince our manager who knows for a fact that i don’t wanna work.

1 month ago
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