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This blog is for the restaurant servers that deal with the struggles of ignorant customers, idiotic coworkers, unfair managers and things a mere mortal just could not handle. (not associated with @server_life on IG or @TipOrGoHome on twitter, but go follow them too!)

annoying coworkers

/rant, sorry/
first off, i don’t wanna work your shift. the mere fact that i said i would and picked it up does not mean that i am going to go out of my way and be up my manager’s asshole just to get it approved. i picked up your shift because you annoyed the hell out of me to pick it up.

i don’t fucking care if it gets approved

please stop last minute dropping your shifts and expecting them to get covered. i don’t feel bad. this will be the third time in a week you’re begging people to cover you. also, please stop texting me to try and convince our manager who knows for a fact that i don’t wanna work.

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shizzan said: I literally had this older couple tonight, who were one of my last tables, leave me a 20 for their 50$ tab. On top of that the 20 was a fake.


that’s just downright awful, servers aren’t there because we wanna be. those tips are OUR MONEY WE NEED THEM IN ORDER TO SURVIVE.

that’s ridiculous and I’m so sorry

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Possibly my favourite photo set ever


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you can always trade things in a restaurant, and by things I mean like shift work or favors or whatever:


a.) you’re working a shift and aw shit you ran out of cigarettes, let’s ask a willing coworker who’s off to drive but what do they get out of it? you can always throw some money their way (but hey, you need to save) OR you can do some of their side work

b.) man, you’re fucking tired. you’ve been a double for three days straight and you want to swap for first cut. this one might be kinda tough to pull off but usually some people are willing to do it if you take a shift they don’t want.
OR you can find your desperate for money coworkers (you know, the girl who just got a DUI and is working everyday even hosting, yeah she’ll kiss your feet when you ask her.) and ask them. it’s usually a definite yes.

c.) so you hate that dreaded line sweep? well it just so happens that another cut coworker hates full hands. see if you can talk them into the final line sweep by doing yours and their full hands (i do this a lot, fuck sweeping)

Ya know, friendly advice.

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ok so I requested off this Thursday (tomorrow) about three weeks ago when my lawyer called and said my court date got pushed back. sent a hotschedules message, and my manager even responded to it…

well… we got our schedules yesterday and what do you know? i’m a fucking double tomorrow

i have court at like 8:30am but fuck waiting tables and smiling will probably be the last thing i wanna do after having my license suspended and being told to shovel out three grand in the next three years ugh

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an actual story of me tryna get some avocado ranch and my dumb manager who should literally not be a manager

me:*rings in avocado ranch*
me:*waits a lil bit before annoying the kitchen*
me:*goes up to window only to see the dumb manager in fry and not the cook*
me:can i get some avocado ranch?
manager:*looks at screen*
*looks at ticket*
*looks at me*
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we need this at the restaurant…

we need this at the restaurant…

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speaking of which, i fucking bomb ass line swept so where’s N with my damn stogies???

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A person who is nice to you, but rude to the waiter, is not a nice person.
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